Ted Braun

Writing Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts

Nina ran this as a full, thirteen-week course at the University of Southern California. If you so desire, this material can easily turn into the backbone of your teaching curriculum. Please refer to the course syllabus in appendix A for an in-depth guide to how to approach this material.

If a full-length course is too much for your lesson plan, an abbreviated syllabus is available. The fundamentals of Nina’s work in script breakdowns can be taught in two or three weeks. The script breakdown is the fundamental building block that allows actors, directors and writers to delve deeper into a script and understand the material. Please refer to the abbreviated syllabus in appendix B for a guide to how to approach this material.

This coursework can also be used as supplemental material for your own course in acting, directing, or writing. The chapters are divided into guidance for acting, for directing, for casting, or just for general information. Browse the content for ideas and information to use in your class.

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